Pasta, i love you

Matching the pasta to the right sauce

Each shape of pasta is typically matched with a particular sauce based on consistency and its ability to hold sauce.

Baked Mostaccioli

Fresh, light sauces like olive oil or simple fresh tomato work best with smooth shapes (mostaccioli, ziti).
Oil-based sauces and thicker tomato sauces go better with flat pasta like linguine, giving it a fuller flavor.

Linguine Arrabiata

Fettucini Alfredo

Robust sauces, such as Fettucini Alfredo go well with Fettuccine, a thicker flat long shape.
Seafood-based sauces pair well with refined spaghetti especially with spaghetti ala chittara. Being squared instead of round this type of paste offers more surface for the delicate sauce to stick to.

Spaghetti ala Chittara

Penne Arrabiata

Full flavor sauces go well with tube-shaped pasta, like striated penne or shell-shaped pasta, like orecchiette.
Refined dairy-based sauces and spicy sauces go with penne. Their large diameter, combined with the ridges make them ideal to trap thick sauces, giving the pasta a richer flavor.

Mushroom Penne in mustard cream

  • Thinner, lighter sauces with fresh tomato sauce, using less oil, go best with the thin delicate finer spaghetti.
  • The thickest tubular pastas, such as ziti or manicotti, are ideal for baked pasta dishes as they hold up to longer cooking.

PS: I LOOORVE lasagna!!


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