IRON(MAN) Life Support System

This device can be used to support a discombobulated head with oxygenated blood and nutrients. This is done via the tubes connected to arteries which pass through the neck. After circulating through the head, the de-oxygenated blood returns to the cabinet by means of “cannulae” which are connected to veins that emerge from the neck.

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(i) The V.R. Lebedev Life Support System.
(ii) General external view schematic of the device.
(iii) Dog’s head hooked into the LLS-5 (LLS-5K) device.
(iv) SZHL-5(K) machine combined with an AOD system (ITA-type torso).


~ by CVS268 on Mon, 14 Mar, 2011.

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  1. nice….. 🙂

  2. Very nice… it really looks like a XKCD’s comic 😀

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