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What you are seeing is a result of the inspiration i got from reading several books ( for free !! ). Technology has always been about empowering man and providing freedom to the masses. As such, I always believe that information should be “free”. The age old saying “Knowledge is power” is most relevant in the current INFORMATION AGE. So,



The title “2600” is a reminder of one of the greatest revolutions the world has ever witnessed. The “TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTION” that ushered-in the “INFORMATION AGE” at the turn of the century.

2600Hz was a tone that was used by early phone phreaks (or phreakers) in the 80’s, and some currently. If the tone was sent down the line at the proper time, one could get away with all sorts of fun stuff.

In traditional telecomunication systems, when trunks were not being used there was a 2600 Hz tone on the line: thus to find a free trunk, the operator equipment simply checked for the presence of 2600 Hz.

When the customer hung-up, 2600 Hz was once again sent to signify a disconnect to the distant end. The 2600 hertz tone was simply the first step towards exploring the network. If you manually emitted a tone at 2600Hz and were successful at getting a call to drop, then billing would stop at that point. Now, if another call was placed immediately without hanging-up, it wouldn’t be billed because as far as the billing office was considered, the line was still dead.

Herein lies the humble beginnings of Phreaking.


This blog contains my non-technical musings.
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