This post is super-awesome

“This post is super-awesome”

So what does the “This post is super-awesome” checkbox in wordpress  do??

In another recognition of the solitary nature of blogging, Mullenweg and Roth also wanted to celebrate the publishing efforts of the individual writer. Or, at least, allow the user to celebrate him or herself. So they added a “This post is super-awesome” button, which authors can check when particularly pleased with a specific post.

When “This post is super-awesome” is checked and user click PUBLISH, then video snippets of scenes replete with whooping, high fiving, slamdunking and general celebration that might play. The Tiger Woods hole-in-one footage seemed off to me but there were some great clips.

Mullenweg activated the new functionality before the presentation. By the time the pair were on stage, nearly 5000 people had turned on the “surprise me” button, testament to the willingness of web denizens to embrace creativity and experimentation. Then again, Mullenweg confessed, 214 people had promptly turned it off again. “The opt-out rate is higher than I’d like,” he said.


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Matt Mullenweg is  founder of blogging platform WordPressEvan Roth is a famous graffiti/urban artist.

Together, they have set out to dig into the concept of online community, a hot button issue if ever there was one. They decided to play around with the interface of WordPress’ blogging admin system—and potentially tap the service’s 12 million users as beta testers. WordPress users can now activate a “surprise me” button in their personal settings.

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~ by CVS268 on Mon, 19 Apr, 2010.

5 Responses to “This post is super-awesome”

  1. Cleared that up for me… just googled “this post is super awesome” . Wasn’t sure what/why it was there.

  2. Nice to read about this, from a fellow hacker. I used to hack. Now I’m a big old mess… lacking some organization, err time. ;x pardon the random vent-type of statement.


  3. interesting to read, but they must have deactivated the celebratory stuff by this point. nothing happens when I check it and publish…

  4. Your post is super-awesome. 🙂

  5. Thanks for clearing that up! 🙂

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