So what does the Humanize in wordpress  do??

Humanize the stats? Here is what Mullenweg, founder of blogging platform WordPress, has to say:

“We were thinking,  about “opt-in serendipity”, a charming idea in our data-overloaded, often impersonal-seeming world.

The stats page on WordPress is apparently the busiest page on the site, and the pair wanted to convert the data it provides into something more meaningful and memorable than dry graphs. So now, those users who’ve activated that “surprise me” button can see the number of hits their blog page got along with related information from the real world using the Humanize tab in the stats window.

Your page was read by the same number of people who live in a certain town in South Dakota, say. Pictures of that town also show up to make things both more visual and more personal.

Using what Mullenweg described as a fairly basic mashup of Google search, Wikipedia and Flickr, the automated function of the Humanize tab adds whimsy and a sense of community to the often solitary experience of publishing a blog post.

“Your words are being read.

You’re not alone on a desert island.

You do matter.”


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Matt Mullenweg is  founder of blogging platform WordPressEvan Roth is a famous graffiti/urban artist.

Together, they have set out to dig into the concept of online community, a hot button issue if ever there was one. They decided to play around with the interface of WordPress’ blogging admin system—and potentially tap the service’s 12 million users as beta testers. WordPress users can now activate a “surprise me” button in their personal settings.

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~ by CVS268 on Mon, 19 Apr, 2010.

3 Responses to “Humanize-WordPress”

  1. Hi, I know this is an old post, but I’m trying to figure out why, when I click humanize on my stats page, it refreshes to a completely blank page. Or could you point me to who I should ask? (I’m having trouble finding the support page for some reason…). Thank you so much!

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