Google ANDROID on Intel ATOM

Android Demo on EEEPC (Intel Atom)


Does this spell trouble for ARM based solutions??

Not necessarily.

Intel’s ATOM has never been able to deliver the kind of performance obtained from ARM solutions ( esp OMAP; the Open Multimedia Application Platform series ). Not to mention the fact that the initial target use-case of ATOM was net-books/handhelds. Following the failure to capture a leading market-share, its smart on Intel’s part to latch on to the fast-growing ANDROID developer/user base.

Where does NOKIA stand??

With the recent joint venture MeeGo quickly being adopted, both Nokia & Intel might hav big plans in store for it. But for Intel to port Android onto ATOM signals tougher times to come for MeeGo. With ANDROID becoming the default choice for smartphones and handhelds this season, it is still to be seen how much mainstream adoption does MeeGo achieve.

Google’s double take…

Last month, The New York Times ran a story claiming that Intel, Google, and Sony are developing an Android- and Intel Atom-based IPTV and IP set-top box platform with the help of Logitech and Dish TV. With major hw vendors queuing-up for their chance to support ANDROID and gain from it, its high time Google sat back and enjoyed the effort they have put into ANDROID over the past couple of years. ( …or as i see it,the best in ANDROID is yet to come!! )


Download the Images here…

or Read more about it here…


~ by CVS268 on Wed, 14 Apr, 2010.

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