Ever since i started programming, i have always been fascinated by the degree of accuracy that computers have. Any standard computing device performs thousands of complex operations every second. It compute s values (in real-time) to a degree of accuracy not possible for an ordinary human.

I still remember this Quote from my very first computer book.

Computers do not grow tired. People do!! 🙂

This very quality of “Repeated-Non-tiring-Accurate” calculations, has made computers what they are today. We are totally dependent on computers and implicitly TRUST them. So much so that  a giant furore was raised when it was found that  certain Intel Pentium processors a floating-point division bug. This meant the result was offset by a value of 0.0000003 (FDIV-BUG). More recently, a similar public-rage was triggered by MS Excel floating-point bug.

Hence, (apart from the odd-bug) computers are very very very accurate.

But, as with all good things, there is a price to pay. There is a downside to this inherent accuracy. When it comes to generating Random Numbers, computers are in a soup.

Here is a Quick test. Which one of the 2 Graphs is an ACTUAL random distribution??

The one on the Right is truly RANDOM.

The one on the left is how Human’s perceive RANDOM.


~ by CVS268 on Fri, 12 Mar, 2010.

One Response to “How RANDOM is RANDOM”

  1. I first need to know what do u mean by ACTUAL random distribution? There’s nothing which can be accurately, actually random i.e. its not absolute. We can only simulate randomness by particular patterns that too over some range of values, which, for all practical purposes can be ‘considered’ as random. MATLAB does it by some way and some other systems by some other way. However, our mind always tends to think random as something which is irregular,or that which cannot be predicted, which need not always be. If you go by human psyche, one would think the second one to be ‘more’ random.

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