What am I waiting for to happen in MeeGo? 5 Things

5. Hello MeeGo. Hi MeeGo. What next??

MeeGo CODE. I really want to see more code.

Not just the Create Basic MeeGo APP (using Qt).

I mean what do i do next. Where can i get to see more such. I do understand that MeeGo is in a very “infantile” stage. Both NOKIA-INTEL busy with getting their act right. But, the community has lots of ideas and capable hands, right?? Can someone step-up can start designing some decent examples to learn more from… (  THNX 🙂 )

Waiting to see some stuff HERE.

4. MeeGo DOCs

Please start updating the Wiki.

[ I hope now U understand how “One liners” like this feel. 😦 ]

3. Nokia-Intel Press releases

Come ON guys. Show some enthusiasm. If i’m NOT mistaken, the official announcement @ MWC-2010 was pretty much the last official announcement regarding MeeGo.

Its been more than a month and the net is ablaze with speculation. All sorts of doubts are gathering in my mind regarding how MeeGo will “pan-out” to be.

Call me PARANOID but are U adopting the STEP#5: The  SILENCE STRATEGY

Sincerely looking forward to




2. Working MeeGo Image

I don’t care if its BETA.

I don’t care if it crashes.

I simply don’t care if its NOT on my FAV device.

But, i do want to get my hands on a “working” image of MeeGo.
I mean, c’mon guys is it that hard? Really??

UPDATE: Download MeeGo Images from MeeGo.com/downloads.

1. N900 actual UI ( not screenshot)

Somebody Plz post something.
Any APP, maybe even LOGS while the device is booting-up.
I’m sick of looking at this pic everywhere. Totally…

A N900 running MeeGo. WOW !!


UPDATE : Saw this on youTube. Is this MeeGo or what…

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~ by CVS268 on Mon, 08 Mar, 2010.

5 Responses to “What am I waiting for to happen in MeeGo? 5 Things”

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  2. […] What am I waiting for to happen in MeeGo? 5 Things « 2600Hertz said this on Mon, 08 Mar, 2010 at 2:34 PM | Reply […]

  3. There have been official updates on the MeeGo.com blog page from the Technical Steering Group. You really should look into this sort of thing before posting something like this.

    Oh, and please use “you” instead of “U”. The latter just looks so unprofessional.

    • …to “U” or not to “U”… 🙂

    • @ The Cryptium Keeper

      I checked back Meego.com/community/blogs/ again.

      The Official Updates do not clarify any specifics, rather they too seem to hint towards the same things that i’m waiting to happen in MeeGo. ( Looks like i’m not alone 🙂 )

      Also, They do acknowledge the progress in resolving a lot of
      “Big-Ticket Items”.

      I am just hoping things will pickup speed now.
      ( keeping my fingers crossed… 😉 )

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