DUDE ALERT : The Dude Programming Language

Yesterday night as i was blindly STUMBLE-ing on the internet i came across this.

At first this seemed like another half-baked attempt to design another programming language. (As if there weren’t enough languages already.) But, as i carefully stepped through it, i realised the absolute beauty in the code.

Its just a couple of #define statements that had totally transformed  this C code-snippet into this new language.

I did try compiling it on Ubuntu-linux using gcc. But, as usual it complained about a couple of other things.

Does this code actually work??

Looking ahead to more code from the “DUDE”

#define like {
#define man ;}
#define an ;
#define SayBro /*
#define CheckItOut */

SayBro like, this is some rad shit, so CheckItOut

a = b
c = d

SayBro , like who needs help from them compiler choads anyway?
THIS is the way to write CLEAR code.  I mean really!  CheckItOut

like SayBro this is ShellSort straight out of the white book, but in
a readable form.

CheckItOut man

#define YoDude for(
#define OK     )
#define is     =
#define AND    &&
#define as
#define Do
#define long
#define some
#define make
#define shit
#define FAROUT

shell(v, n) SayBro sort v[0]…v[n-1] into increasing order CheckItOut
int v[], n;

like int gap, i, j, temp;

YoDude gap is n/2 an as long as gap > 0 Do some shit an make gap /=2 OK
YoDude i is gap an as long as i < n Do some shit an make i++ OK
YoDude j is i – gap an as long as j >= 0 AND v[j] > v[j+gap] Do some
shit an make j -= gap OK
temp is v[j]      an
v[j] is v[j+gap]  an
v[j+gap] is temp

SayBro like, B there OB square!  CheckItOut

Hey! Any “DUDES” out there. What does this code do?? Anyone??…

Source: Unknown. ( If U are the author of this pgm, then plz contact me. )

Impressed by what a “DUDE” can do??…



~ by CVS268 on Thu, 04 Mar, 2010.

2 Responses to “DUDE ALERT : The Dude Programming Language”

  1. Cool Dude

  2. Check out Knuth – the definitive authority on shell sort.

    The code is C, with a bunch of defines. I first saw it back in 1989, but it was around before then. Still great, something that will be with all code junkies for all time :^)

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