Nokia Intel “A[MeeGo]s” : Brothers in Arms


During a press event at the Mobile World Congress, Nokia and Intel announced the MeeGo platform, a merge of Maemo and Moblin. MeeGo will be rolled out on Media phones, Netbooks, Pocketables/Handhelds, In-car entertainment systems as well as Connected TVs.

Checkout the MeeGo Technical Steering Group talk about the new platform.

“The first version of MeeGo is expected in the 2nd quarter of 2010. Nokia promises a product that builds on the Nokia N900 to begin with. We expect MeeGo- based products to begin appearing based on OEM and OSV product schedules.”

MeeGo Architecture

Here’s what Imad Sousou says on the Official MeeGo-Blog.

“Hi Everyone, I’m sure you’ve heard the news: Moblin and maemo are merging! We are taking the best pieces from these two open source projects and are creating the MeeGo software platform. Both teams have worked for a long time to support the needs of the mobile user experience – and MeeGo will make this even better. We want it to be fun, focused, flexible, technically challenging and ultimately, something that can change the world.”

“The main difference is what is referred to as a User Experience layer, or UX. This is what makes MeeGo work differently depending on the device in question and contains the device specific UI and framework… …A very clever way of doing things”

“Why the two monoliths have decided to pair up on these decidedly niche platforms rather than focusing energies on their front and center products is anyone’s guess”

“By using the Qt framework, MeeGo will ensure that third-party developers will be available to reach the wide range of product types mentioned above.”




All said and done, MeeGo does sound a lot like AMIGO.
Looks like NOKIA and INTEL have finally found “Peace” and grown into
😉 “Brothers in Arms” 😉

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