Google Broadband : 1GBps

Google Fiber for Communities

One thing which can really guarantee your survival in today’s tech world is
INNOVATION. Google had realized this at an early stage and has always tried to innovate. This is the company wh
ich gave us a revolutionary search engine; a 1 GB storage E-mail inbox, when 100 MB was considered enough, for free and also interesting products such as Google Maps with Street View.

But they are still not satisfied and plan to bring these services at a lightning fast speed to our homes. Google is experimenting with ultra-fast fiber network internet. Fiber optic communication has never been exploited to its full potential and has failed in reaching out to the masses . Google plans to change this by testing high-speed broadband networks in a small number of trial locations across the United States.


“Google is asking local governments and residents to express their interest
in the fiber optic trial, and to provide information about their community
by completing our request for information.” – Google

Click HERE to nominate your Community for the Google 1GBps Experiment
( currently US only )

What will U do with 1GBPS??… Checkout these COOL ideas.

But is 1GBps really going to “revolution-ise” the way we connect today. Service is the most important for any technology to succeed. The novelty of blazing-fast speeds will eventually wear off unless practical applications that enhance and enrich the user-experience are integrated seamlessly. Content drives the portal and Google might be planning to do just that by introducing a wide plethora of  “Gigabit” services once the optical 1GBps network catches on.


Checkout this short video on FTTH: How Fiber to Home works.

Click HERE to learn How Fiber-Optics actually works.


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