Google BUZZzzz

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What the B*@# !!

I still don’t understand why Google is soooo Desperate to become an inseparable part of my life.

It is as if it just can’t get enough of me. Google wants to be with me all along, all day ; every single day of the week, every week, each month. Be it sunshine or be it rain. Even if i’m crying out loud in pain, Google’s “ALWAYS” been there for me.

NOTE: Advantage of having a LAPTOP !! 🙂
The Power company cannot play “MOM” and separate me from Google
as it earlier did by powering off the PC at its “Flimsical-whims”.
[ PS: Batteries ROCK !! Inventor deserves a NOBEL PRIZE ]
( in case he hasn’t been given one yet !!)

Now coming back to GOOGLE, Its obsession with me must have been triggered
by me saying something like this…
(Though i simply cannot remember saying this to GOOGLE. Never!! :))

I CVS, take you GOOGLE , to be mine, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.

But, Google being what it is, has decided on its own that it needs to shower it whole attention on me. Starting from Checking my Mail (the very first thing i do everyday is Gmail), communicating with my mates ( via Orkut/GTalk/Gmail-Chat), watching the latest Tech @ work or a “Funny-Video” or two on (YouTube), Editing Images and sharing them using Google Picasa, to my latest addiction – ANDROID.

As U can see, by now my whole life, more or less, revolves around Google. (Thankfully it hasn’t disappointed me yet. I still remember being one of the few guys who had a Gmail account early on when it was launched, which was why i felt something special about Google. More recently, was one of the lucky few to have a Wave account when it was launched.)

Google has introduced innumerable “innovative” features in each and every segment that they have tapped into; and now the latest buzz is all about “Google BUZZ”.

So what exactly IS this Buzz all about?

Its another label that appears below ur “INBOX” in Gmail which provide one-touch access to several social networking features. Unlike wave it is NOT an invite-only feature. Anyone interested can visit and once you sign-in to your Gmail account you are set. Bingo!! U are  blessed with the BUZZ .

Here’s what Google has to say about Buzz.


From what little i hav Buzz-ed so far, it appears to be a decent attempt on Google’s part. It is going to be their second foray into mainstream social-networking though. The first attempt being ORKUT which didn’t match-up to Facebook in terms of (inter)activity  online. Also Twitter, which initially placed itself in the untapped world of mobile-social-networking is catching-on online as well.

With people continuing to network in revolutionary ways, time only will tell whether the BUZZ lasts long or if it just makes a splash and disappears into the “what-might-hav-been” category of ideas that never really caught on.

Till then enjoy Buzz-ing!!

PS: I still can’t understand Google’s inexplicable desire to follow me everywhere…


~ by CVS268 on Thu, 11 Feb, 2010.

One Response to “Google BUZZzzz”

  1. Google just can’t keep quiet.

    Checkout Google’s 1GBPS Internet Experiment here…

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