PathPartner is a provider of Software Solutions, System Integration Services, Technology Consulting and Product Engineering Services that enable the development and deployment of convergence devices for wireless handsets, digital home and surveillance markets.

ANDROID MEDIAPHONE 2010 “Sneak Preview”

** Checkout the LIVE DEMO here **

** Checkout the Press Release here **

** Checkout the MEDIAPHONE Flyer here **

UPDATE: Latest PICs added below…

The latest in their offerings is a stunningly chic desktop/portable mediaphone. Running on Android2.0, its a totally awesome convergence device. Apart from the Android Market it supports other 3rd-party apps allowing full customisability.

It comes Pre-loaded with a whole suite of media applications delivering features live  Streaming Video, TV Channel Browser, Movie Listing, Integrated Internet Radio to name a few.

For the modern-day “on-the-move” professional, it has all the basic functionality integrated into its extensible Widget library.  Pre-loaded widgets include Weather Info, LIVE-NEWS, World Clock , TO-DO/Notes/Reminder etc.

The device is being showcased at CES-2010 (Las Vegas) by PATHPARTNER Technologies

The Home Screen “DESKTOP”




Snapshots stored on Expandable Memory (SD-CARD)


Video Browser


Movie Catalog/Trailers/Booking


YouTube APP


Local TV Shows & Listings




Google has been touting the ANDROID platform since long. 2009 was a year with a lots of hype on Android in the media. But no device has stood-up to the test of utilizing it to the MAX.

The PATHPARTNER MEDIAPHONE is not yet out in the open. But if the “UI” is anything to go by, i’m expecting a winning “LONE RIDER” in an otherwise totally slapdash array of Android Mobiles.


UPDATE: PathPartner Tech showcases Android 2.0 powered mediaphone with social media, rich voice and video communications, web entertainment and applications on large screen with AlwaysON experience. The solution runs on home broadband and WiFi, and is powered by Cortex-A8 based application processor which runs Android.


|| MEDIAPHONE Walkthrough ||


|| Voice Call DEMO ||


|| Video Call DEMO ||


CES 2010

The device is being showcased at
CES-2010 (Las Vegas) by
PATHPARTNER Technologies




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