2009:Banned From WordPress… and back in 2010!!

Hi all…

I recently started a blog cvs26.wordpress.com, and got banned in a week.

This Blog has been De-activated screamed a nice red glowing sign that appeared out of nowhere at the top of my WordPress dashboard informing me of my misfortune.

To tell the truth, at first i just didn’t know what to do. Most of the past week i had had spent in deciding the look-n-feel of the blog. Also i had painstakingly searched my archives for interesting stuff that would also be usefull and entertaining. Then i had carefully categorized the stuff and posted it one by one, taking care to properly tag each post.

As if all this was not enough, i even searched the “blogosphere” for tips to spread the word about my blog and share my stuff with to maximum possible extent all across the world. Little did i know that all this would be a lost cause. ( well almost )

I first heard of a “BLOG” and “BLOGG-ING”when i was in school. Initially, when i heard of BLOGGING the latest “in-thing”,  i was very skeptical and thought of blogging as a total waste of time. Why blog when U can spend the same time and share info with your friends. Why go to the trouble of constructing & maintaining a blog…

But, what i didn’t realise then ( and  didn’t until i setup my own blog ) was the absolutely HUGE audience a blog can address.

I was very curious when couple of my friends boasted 1000 hits per day on their newly created site. One look at their site-stats on their WordPress dashboard, and i was hooked.

I sat down and made a list of stuff i was good at and wanted to share on my blog. Tech & Humor were top on the list as so 2600 was born. I named it 2600 as a reference to the glorious days of Phreaking, when a simple wave of 2600hz empowered the common-man to stand-up to a huge corporation ( more on it here ).

I scanned the net and found WordPress to be the best, simply because of its ease of use and customization options. I have seen people comment about how constricted wordpress is, but hey folks its for the best. The constrained environment that wordpress forces on its users is a blessing-in-disguise. The featured themes are a world-apart and prevent us from forming silly-stupid layouts. also a uniform look-n-feel means that everyone finds the blog really easy to read and  can browse thru stuff in a more rewarding fashion. || East or West, WordPress’ the BEST ||

But, in my enthusiasm to promote my blog, I posted lots of comments on other sites with content related to my posts. What i found interesting was within 24hours traffic grew by more than 250%. This continued the next day. Within 2 days i had more than doubled my traffic more than twice…

So i too doubled my efforts and rapidly began posting more stuff. I spent a very a whole weekend trying to outdo any other blog that i saw on wordpress.

With proper tagging and linking and rich content i was able to get my posts listed in the top-10 on a regular basis. Also my comments spread around other related wordpress blogs were pulling more visitors each day ( my math sir would be very proud of me for realising such a perfect exponential curve) . But, my biggest strength was soon to prove my downfall.

As most of U might have guessed, posting comments on other blogs is a quick way to attract traffic. This means many people do this incessantly (even scripts and plugins to automate this are available), which results in comment SPAM.

Now in midst of all this stupendous growth, i was doing one thing right, i was taking time to go through the blogs i visited and replied to them. I also commented my related posts and diligently typed out each time i visited a new blog.

In my relentless pursuit for more and more traffic, i stopped typing comments. rather i made a standard comment relating to my post and started pasting it to all other related blogs.

chhh-chhh. 😦 A spammer was born and i hadn’t even realise it yet. my enthusiasm had blinded me for sure.

But, thanks to Akismet/Wordpress the “SPAM-monster” growing  in me was stopped in time.


🙂 🙂 ( Now, the Happy-Ending part… ) 🙂 🙂

This Blog has been De-activated screamed a nice red glowing sign that appeared out of nowhere at the top of my WordPress dashboard informing me of my misfortune. To tell the truth, at first i just didn’t know what to do.

But, as i read the whole message, it kindly pointed out to me that i could still export my BLOG and redeploy it as a new one.

Talk of second-chances in life. From my 22 trips around the sun, this was one thing that i never expected in life, and here it was staring at me in the face – A chance to redeem myself. I quickly followed the instructions and was able to salvage the wreck, the “SPAM-monster” in me had created. I created a new account and a new blog and still had all my posts to show.

So, i decide to post this to constantly remind myself of what happened and save others before its too late.

So, dear enthusiastic co-bloggers , i sincerely hope none of us will ever again cross the thin line separating us from the spammers, the dirty filthy muck of the blogosphere.

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~ by CVS268 on Thu, 24 Dec, 2009.

2 Responses to “2009:Banned From WordPress… and back in 2010!!”

  1. PS: If U noticed the date of this post then U would probably realise that i got my 2nd chance on christmas eve.

    I suppose i almost became Mr.Scrooge. 🙂

    But then i still can’t figure out who the three ghosts were… 🙂
    (who visited me on xmas eve)


  2. That’s nice sound, all right, fine

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