Google Phone = "NEXUS ONE"

It’s going to be really hard to convince anybody that’s been reading the news for the past 24-hours that the Google Phone (Nexus One) doesn’t exist, and now a higher resolution picture of what is supposedly the Nexus One has surfaced. Of course, it’s physically the same as the HTC Passion, sans the HTC logo at the top of the phone. Could this be a photoshop job, or the real thing? Regardless of that, we’re fairly sure you’re waiting eagerly to give the Google Phone a try.

UPDATE: MORE PICS : Exclusive Nexus One photos, Android 2.1 on-board.


UPDATE: Checkout Pathpartner’s MEDIAPHONE.

( Launched @ CES, JAN-2010 Las Vegas)


~ by CVS268 on Mon, 14 Dec, 2009.

2 Responses to “Google Phone = "NEXUS ONE"”

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