Motorola Droid Is Gadget Of The Year.

Love it or hate it, the Droid has stirred genuine excitement over the Android platform. Not only does it take the Android platform to a new level, it also is a solid device that offers some amazing specs. You might remember that Apple’s iPhone has been the top gadget in the past. Perhaps Apple hoped its most recent incarnation thereof, the iPhone 3GS, would earn the top spot again. Nope. 😦

Above is a video of Google-Goggles a literal “Image-Search” in which U search google by clicking a photo of something. Google then analyzes the image and displays results depending on the contents of the image.

Check out the latest droid here.


UPDATE: Checkout Pathpartner’s MEDIAPHONE.

( Launched @ CES, JAN-2010 Las Vegas)


~ by CVS268 on Sun, 13 Dec, 2009.

3 Responses to “Motorola Droid Is Gadget Of The Year.”

  1. Nice post, thanks to share it!


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  3. […] Nokia and Intel finally joined hands @ MWC-2010 to announce MeeGo a merge of Maemo and Moblin. It appears like a strategic move by both the industry giants to stand-up against Google, whose latest product ANDROID is being fast adopted as the OS of choice for Handhelds and Mobile devices [1] [2]. […]

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